Our Approach

You could also consider this "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." Here at InciteYouth we strive to give every youth member and community the opportunity to strive in the world of entrepreneurship. By providing both educational, motivational, and real world experiences, we provide the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the business world.

Our Story

The idea of InciteYouth's formulated when our founded attending a program know as MIT Launch. This program brought together the 70 best entrepreneurs around the world to innovate and create new businesses. This program was absolutely astounding and unfortunately nothing of the sorts exists in Ohio. That is why here at InciteYouth, we aim to bring the entrepreneurship experience home to Ohio.

Meet the Team

Meet our incredible team here at InciteYouth that make everything we do possible.

Ash Khandelwal

Founder & CEO

"Youth Entrepreneur and Founder of AshTechEmpire, CoConnect, EmergenCC, and InciteYouth. Taught in Entrepreneruship by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."

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