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What is a Youth Entrepreneur Accelerator?

A youth entrepreneur accelerator is a program or organization that encourages youth entrepreneurship by providing real world  opportunities and educating youth on business.

What Types of Programs Does InciteYouth Run?

Programs such as Tedx Talks, Seminars, Classes, Hack-A-Thons, and Pitch Competitions have proven to be most successful in igniting interest in youth. By bringing in interesting and successful entrepreneurs to talk in our Tedx Talks, Seminars, and Classes, youth can begin to learn how things work in the business world. Our Hack-A-Thons and Pitch Competitions provide them with real world experiences and helps kick start them into starting their own business.

Why Does InciteYouth Need Sponsors and Volunteers?

InciteYouth is a 100% non-profit company. Because of this, we rely on sponsors and volunteers to help fund and run all of our programs and competitions for our youth.

Are the Events Only Open to Ohio Residents?

All of our events are open to anyone who can come. InciteYouth focuses on encouraging youth entrepreneurship in Ohio which is why all events are hosted in the Ohio area, but all are welcome to attend.