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InciteYouth: Ohio's Youth Entrepreneur Accelerator. What exactly does that mean? A youth entrepreneur accelerator is a program or organization that intends to encourage and support youth entrepreneurs. Places all over the world have figured out the simple truth that our youth is our future. The best and brightest ideas are coming from best and brightest of the younger generations, so why wait till they graduate college to give them the opportunities to pursue their ideas. It was with this thought that the first youth entrepreneur programs were formulated and run throughout many different cities. These programs educated youth on entrepreneurship and encouraged them to enter the business world. Places that were considered entrepreneur/business hotspots, such as London, Dubai, or more locally, Massachusetts, California, and Chicago, were the ones to really incorporate these programs while the rest of the world stood by admiring from a far.

It is time that we localize this programs giving everyone an opportunity to learn and grow in the business world. With numerous cities in Ohio making Forbes list of "Best Places To Start a Business", as well as Columbus, OH being named the "Future Smart City", Ohio seems like it should have been one of the places to incorporate a youth accelerator program. With this in mind we here at InciteYouth decided to solve the problem and create a youth accelerator program for all of Ohio to enjoy.

Now the question on a lot of people's mind, "How can you encourage and support youth entrepreneurship?" InciteYouth has selected multiple events that have proven to encourage and support youth entrepreneurship and implemented them throughout the year. More detailed descriptions of  these events will be posted in another blog post so keep an eye out for that. These events will be open to all members who RSVP to come. The best part, you must be member to RSVP and a membership is COMPLETELY FREE! That's right, InciteYouth is a 100%  nonprofit company.

Because of our nonprofit status, InciteYouth relies heavily on Donors, Sponsors, and Volunteers to fund and run our many events. If you are looking to Volunteer or Donate, visit the corresponding tab in the menu or contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity with you.

If you have any questions or need assistance navigating the site, visit our FAQ or contact us for a quick reply! Thanks for joining us here at InciteYouth, prepare to enter a world like no other!

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